Orla Gartland

Обложка альбома Orla GartlandOrla Gartland (born 1995) is an Irish singer/songwriter from Dublin who gained popularity from posting cover songs on her YouTube account. At present, her YouTube channel has received over 11 million views in total.[1] Gartland describes her music as folk pop, most heavily influenced by Joni Mitchell,[2] Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap.[3][4] She frequently refers to herself as a "music makin' ginger nutcase."[5] In 2012 Gartland released her debut single 'Devil on my Shoulder' which entered the singer/ songwriter iTunes charts in Ireland. On 11 November 2013, Gartland released a four-song EP Roots. On 24 November, the Irish Mirror featured Gartland in a full-page article and stated "last Tuesday on iTunes her debut EP, Roots, hit No1 in the main Irish albums chart, 15 in the main UK albums chart and No2 in the US singer/songwriter chart." Life and career[edit] In an interview by Campus.ie, Gartland is quoted "I played violin, fiddle, and trad and Irish stuff from the age of about five years old...my parents got me into lessons and the guitar at about 12 years old and it went from there.
  • Трек: Lonely People
  • Исполнитель (артист): Orla Gartland
  • Длительность 3:09
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Orla Gartland - Lonely People"

    • 3:57
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs
    • 4:11
      Orla GartlandLonely people (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:19
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs (4AM Remix)
    • 4:12
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:49
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:42
      Orla GartlandHuman
    • 4:11
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit)
    • 2:50
      Orla GartlandTake Me To Church (Cover)
    • 4:15
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Remix)
    • 3:14
      Orla GartlandLonely People
    • 3:20
      Orla Gartlandimposter
    • 4:14
      orla gartlandlifeline
    • 2:58
      Orla GartlandWake Me Up (cover)
    • 4:15
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs
    • 3:07
      Orla GartlandBook of love (Magnetic fields cover)
    • 4:15
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Remix)
    • 2:35
      Tom Rosenthal & Orla Gartland It's Ok (Live Acoustic)
    • 2:30
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit remix)
    • 4:11
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:43
      Orla Gartland green light (lorde сover)
    • 3:53
      Orla GartlandProblematic
    • 3:53
      Orla Gartland Britney Spears/Jedward,womanizer/lipstick
    • 4:26
      Orla GartlandGrey
    • 3:49
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:22
      Orla Gartland Souvenirs (4AM Remix)
    • 3:08
      Dodie Clark feat. Orla GartlandReach (S Club 7 Cover)
    • 4:40
      Orla GartlandSkinny Love
    • 3:26
      Orla Gartlandimpossible
    • 3:08
      Orla GartlandDevil On My Shoulder
    • 3:28
      Orla Gartland & Rusty Clantonjust fine
    • 3:47
      Dodie Clark, Andie Isalie, Orla GartlandCan't Feel My Superbass
    • 3:40
      Orla Gartland Old Pine (Ben Howard)
    • 3:29
      Orla GartlandAnother Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover)
    • 3:19
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs (4AM Remix) | vk.com/dovecmusica
    • 3:19
      Orla GartlandSouvenirs (Remix) |vk.com/deluxe.music
    • 3:03
      Orla Gartlandeverywhere
    • 4:19
      Orla GartlandSixteen
    • 2:26
      Orla GartlandBandit
    • 3:45
      Orla GartlandWhispers in time
    • 3:15
      orla gartlanddevil on my shoulder
    • 3:48
      Orla GartlandLonely People (Raise Spirit Remix)
    • 3:42
      Orla GartlandJealous